Companies offer professional services, reply intelligently to RFPs and often design innovated and tailored implementation strategies; required to win projects.

Foreign cultures, however, require a much closer view on who are the right persons fitting best required positions! Cultural aspects and governmental systems are demanding factors. They need to be acknowledged before the organization design and position fillings. A step that is recommended to be considered while responses to RFPs and business cases are been developed and calculation are been made.

Practical experience reveals significant negative impacts if occupational analysis is neglected prior organization design and staff hiring.

The cancelation of projects might be the result with significant loss in reputation and money!


A huge real estate project required experienced project directors with lasting expertise in hotel sector. They were hired based on experience and their records in that particular field. The project management company and the experts all were great and would have delivered super results but none of the experts, however, worked in a challenging cultures before.


Project organizations follow intended execution approaches. A mismatch of expectations in regard to productivity, efficiency, decision making processes, quality and cultural understanding on stakeholder and operation level happened.

The project management contract was canceled! The post occupational analysis revealed the reason, to late!


Avoid surprises. Invest in occupational analysis while developing proposals and allow the projects a proper and acknowledged start.

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