Mobility is key! This assures diversity for millions of people around the world. Whether domestic or international, leisure or business, traveling belongs to the nowadays lifestyle. The ability to be mobile is The driver for education, innovation and flexibility. A well-developed mobility system, be it standalone or intermodal, generates and sustains business and prosperity.

Many countries around the world are looking for foreign investments to boost and free domestic economies from ties of single edged strategies. Stimulation of tourism business, generating prosperity for the nations people and options to create jobs.

Airports are vital hotspots for investors, jobs and business of any kind. Many local companies and investors have joint ventured, signed partnership agreements or established mutual companies as they believe in futures to come. They are ready to take on challenges. Together with their partners and international capacities, they are ready to invest in infrastructure and education to develop mobility  into next generations.

Aviation is not just Airports and Airline. It encompasses and touches on business areas such as ANS, MRO, FBO, Logistics, Free Zones, tourism etc. A strong reputation in aviation is therefore key!

Aviation sectors have sometimes structures where players predominantly organized and managed under government governance. Operation and regulation under one roof may not support the ideal strategy to fully develop a commercialized, privatized and competitive aviation sector. A different management strategy of Airline, Airports, ANS and Airport Services would initiate developing a competitive market and gain economic momentum to boost countries development.

The dissociation into regulator and operator is one key to build trust, reliability and accountability to attract foreign investors. However, mobilizing of such a strategic initiative to split regulator and operator takes time.

The dissociation into regulator and operator requires significant efforts in developing a strategy that:

  • encompasses associated frameworks (economic, legal, etc.)
  • has programs to cope with demographic situations
  • allows skill and ability programs to educate the next generation of leaders
  • provides a transformation plan to monitor the development and the implementation
  • is flexible
  • copes with facts and ad-hoc situations and

Investors are looking for trust, reliability, accountability and sustainability.

The right operational strategy, best fitting PPP programs, the sizing of program, reasonable planning, involvement of  domestic and international stakeholders and investors, setup of education programs, development and procurement processes are just a few topics with major impact.

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