Ralf Schiffer Transformation Consulting

Making your strategy "Going International" a success.

My practical and intercultural experience helps you to succeed in
multi cultural and diverse environments.


I help you understand cultural framework conditions
in the context of culture and your strategy.

Your organization will achieve efficiency & productivity and optimize its capabilities.

The way to success:
Analyze - Align - Transform


Focus assures efficiency

Professional partner network
Culture experienced practically
Executive leadership experience in government and privat sector


Experienced practitioner in
General Management, Transformation Management,
Privatization, M&A, PPP, PgM / PMO / PM

Gained in Government projects, Airports, Construction and Real Estate:

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Success in investments, expansions, projects or transformation activities heavily depend on well understood and communicated views of strategies, goals and cultural aspects across the organization. My international practical experience is based on more than 26 years in government and corporate projects in multi-cultural and diverse environments.

My practical experience derives from roles as Program and Project Manager and in executive positions in USA, China, Europe and Middle East in.

Efficiency is best achieved if interceptions between internal and local applicable standards are mutually been defined and accepted.

The need of harmonized environments between home bases and local stations are eminent.




Know your potentials


The fist step is sensitive.

Engage teams, build trust, allow applicable solutions, show respect and act objectively.

Achieve a "Buy In" from the beginning.

Let it be the beginning of an interesting journey. 

Advice based on analyzed facts


Find tailored solutions and the most appropriate tools for the implementation.

Transformation Nexus is as our tool!

It comprehensively address and associate tasks with well thought-through methodologies.

Transformation Management


Engage teams, reward success and assure quality control.

Control, challenge and measure to achieve sustainability. 

Our methodologies are “KSA” (Knowledge transfer, Skill and Ability training) and  “Plan-Do-Check-Act”.

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