Always do the right thing at the right time through applicable and accepted measures!

But how?

  • What are visions and strategies when nobody understands them abroad?
  • How should an effective and productive organization of leaders and professionals emerge in a foreign culture?
  • How is effective communication, how efficient cooperation?
  • Who is the right employee for us?

We experienced all this and more on the ground in Saudi Arabia.

We are your partner, helping you to lay the foundations for success and sustainability through our practical experience.

We will guide you in an interactive process based on our practical knowledge of what is important to your project.

You will see that effectiveness and efficiency are also possible in foreign cultures.

In workshops we help you to work out what is important for you and your project.

We do not provide slides, no intercultural training.

Our goal is to make decisions that fit your goal.

Everyone in your organization is required during our engagement! It is fundamental that you and your employees are informed about the project.

Responsibility is part of success! Every single participant, including the management, is responsible for us and assumes roles and positions.

Anyone who initiates the change and does not pursue it sustainably loses.

We as your personal advisor will help you to manage the fundamentals of the changes in the foreign culture of Saudi Arabia with the essentials in mind through the hands of the experienced expert.

Together with you we develop practical concepts suitable for your project including the associated implementation steps.

We create an agile and integrated environment in which all employees understand, are repealed, recognized and ready to perform across cultural boundaries.

Our proven methodology provides structure, sustainability and cross-cultural understanding 

  1. Analyze

Our practical experience was the base for the development of the tool "Transformation Nexus". This tool enables us to add value by analyzing situations from culutral, project, organizational, strategical and governance aspects.

The beginning is the start of an interesting journey for everyone.  The "Transformation Nexus" is the guide to find a "Buy In" from the beginning by engaging teams, building trust, showing respect and developing objective views.

Through the tool we assure understandable communication, ease the understanding of collaborating topics and develop a structured way forward. 

This methodology links management aspects with influencing dimensions.

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We provide services in selected sectors and fields only!

Our focus is on situations that demand a correction in efficiency and productivity such as enhancement of operation efficiency, productivity, enhancement of operation expenditure etc.

Our sectors are in Airport management & services, real estate

We are a partner of trust. Intercultural alignment of organizations and governance systems, provision of trustful networks and liaison services as well as the suport of expatriation and repatriation activities are part of our portfolio.

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3. Execute

We receive highest appreciation from our clients for the results from the analyze stage, for our tool „The Transformation Nexus“ and consultation and advice provided. Clients always recognize and acknowledge the focus on fields of practical experience.

We consequentially accompany our clients in executing recommended initiatives. We develop appropriate programs, tasks and initiatives, develop KPI pattern and measurement tools, do quality check implementations and accompany transformation activities.

Our clients are always able to challenge strategies, alignments and results due to our holistic, all-embracing and integrated services.

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