Our Methodology

  • Make initiatives abroad economically successful!

  • Build teams from diverse cultures and education levels!

  • Retain the best of the best and build trust!

  • Build lean and efficient organizations fitting cultural environments!

  • Link governance systems from home base to diverse systems abroad!

All these and more points require a broad understanding of culture and organizational potentials, need acceptance of the difference and readiness to adapt.

We make the integration an interesting and accepted journey for all involved!


In foreign activities control, challenging of results, collaborating with the organization, leadership, cultural awareness, measuring achievements and feedback are of paramount importance.

We identify all challenges along your value chain enabling the development of tailored solutions.

  • What makes the difference of a successful organization?
  • How shall an organization respond to demands?
  • How agil needs an organization to be?
  • What demands require to collaborate successfully?
  • .....

Our tool "The Transformation Nexus" will provide the answers.