Management Consulting

Management Consulting is to provide consultation as a service understood as support to decision makers.

Our suggestions and solutions are based on our long-term practical experience and analyzed facts.

Challenges in foreign projects and initiatives of any kind were always in conflict management. For example:

  • Different cultures and values clash

  • Negotiation and communication styles do not match

  • Information needs are differently understood

  • Confidentality and compliance behavior are not the same

  • Education levels are missunderstood

We do of course focus on profitabilty, efficieny, economical figures, market shares etc.

But if situations between project teams, teams and clients and even internally do not match to the required extend due to misunderstood intercurltural environments, investments are useless.

Some samples of what proves our consultation approach from gained practical experince:

  • No client-facing experience

  • Insufficient skills in listening, accepting and respecting cultural differences, diverse conflict management, cultural correct negotiation, communication and reasoning

  • Insufficient leadership experience

  • Insufficient preparation of leaders to learn from other cultures, about different methods to approach complex situaitons, various styles of leadership and different life-balance approaches.