Our Philosophy

Economical, ecological, functional, social and cultural success can be achived by human capital outperforming in rewarding environments.

Specifically initiatives in foreign countries and multi-culture organizations require intensive attention to values:


Deal with clients and employees in a fair, ethical and respectful manner.


Respect country, systems, clients and employees values


Provide leadership to employees and clients aiming for developing leaders and champions  


Always think of what is required by the client; offer solutions that are workable and assume responsibility for leading towards success. Suggest realistic solutions yet resilient. Make yourself a decisive part of the clients success.


Offer services of outstanding quality. Build a base of profound knowledge and experience. As a true leader strive constantly towards improvement of services for the client and employees.


Adapt to diverse cultural systems, respect local value systems and offer services leading to results fitting clients and employees.


We consider projects and initiatives in foreign environments as transformation processes and differentiate as follows:

How we differentiate



  • A process of change that leads to new directions

  • Achieve different level of effectiveness

  • Implies basic changes of existing configurations or structures

Transformational Change

  • Shift in business culture of organizations

  • Based on changes in underlying strategies / processes

  • Designed to be organization-wide and takes a period of time

Institutional Transformation

  • Fundamental, intensive and extensive changes to core concepts and values

Structural Transformation

  • Transfer of structures

  • Fundamental changes in policies or objectives

Transformation Process

  • Changes made in a business or organization which improve the development of the business

  • Will revitalize business and smoothen operations