• PMO development
  • Project management services
  • Program management and execution frameworks
  • Transformation consulting (translating strategic goals and objectives into executable operation plans)

Innovative analysis for the construction industry.

As organizations expand in rapidly evolving economic environments, projects continue to mature in size and complexity. PUC knows about these complexities and the need for a well-structured program management and execution framework to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards. PUC seeks to empower existing management teams, by translating strategic goals and objectives into clear operational plans that lead to attainable and measurable results fitting along cultural aspects.

Professionals Union Company (Professionals - PUC) provides project management services to clients who value timely and informative analysis needed to make key management decisions.

  • Business Development Agent
  • Offering investment opportunities to investors and industry leaders
  • Direct management of the investment

The approach of TAAL towards business development is based on its founder’s entrepreneurship approach to business, where TAAL plays the role of the “Business Development Agent”, and by investigating the market gaps and offering investment opportunities to investors, industry leaders, and other interested groups in return for equity shears in the proposed investment. TAAL may play the lead role from inception to closing the opportunity, and in some cases it might be involved in the direct management of the investment to guaranty the success the business during its first years of establishment.

  • Market research
  • Government support and PR services
  • Business outsourcing
  • Comapny administration services

Roaqat is a well known and demanded partner for foreign companies and investors who are seeking flexible, professional and affordable yet reliable adminstrative support services. Roaqat has served all kind of compnaies from small business entities till stock market listed compnaies. A professional network, well known in system and culture, Roaqat offers its services aiming for the best and most flexible yet compliant operation for its customers.

  • High end real estate design
  • Real estate developer
  • Best in class standards of building innovation

Founded in 2008, Maskan Arabia has been reflecting successes based on the company’s spirit, determination and cutting-edge initiatives. Bringing the highest standards of innovation to life and implementing a new way of living through elegant designs has enabled Maskan to occupy a leading position in the heart of the construction and real estate industry. Another key reason for success is the strategic partnership between Abdulaziz Al-Saghyir Group and Taal Inter Holding Company.

  • Engnieering consulting
  • Real Estate & Infrastructure Investment
  • Infrastructure management (toll roads, airports,...)
  • Facility Management Services
  • Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Procurement & Logistic Services
  • Construction Services
  • Government Services

PSG provides the complete Facilities Maintenance & Asset Management services incorporating all trades, a full-service professional procurement services team of clear English-speaking procurement and logistics account representatives that consider the client’s requirements and cultures needs anywhere in the world, full-service design build, contracting, and construction management services to its clients and supports military forces and government agencies. 

  • Business and communication consultant
  • International network and liaison services
  • Intercultural awareness training

Hornok & Partner is a business and communications consultancy that over many years has established worldwide contacts with decision makers in business and politics

The team consists of Judith Hornok and Sonja Ohly (Hornok & Partner). Due to very personal access to business people and arab families issues and problems of entrepreneurs in the arab culture are very well known. Since 2009, the expert team has also been working intensively with psychologists and behavioral researchers to create new communication techniques for business people. In seminars unique insight into the psyche of the arabian people and the arab business world with compact information, many practical examples, rolling games and interactive exercises are tought.

  • Recruitment Services

We aim to increase the quality and speed of recruitment by integrating best practices and resource planning, allowing our clients access to top talent for permanent roles. Our contingent recruitment is exceptionally reactive to the needs of many industry sectors providing the agility of a temporary workforce.
Our specialists sectors combine deep industry acumen complemented by a global talent pool to source niche high caliber professionals. Our consultants pride themselves on years of experience and as a result have become recognized as recruitment experts within their specific specialism, consistently making the right connections between skills, culture and roles.
We are providing our services to all the industries in different ways such as; recruiting, out sourcing, talent development and facilitation. 

  • Consulting
  • Aviation
  • Information Technology
  • Redcruitment

Developing the business Opportunities in Saudi Market; Providing Consultations while Establishing Strategic Partnership with International and Local partners for the Facilitation and Implementation of Projects in Public and Private Sectors.

  • Business development agent
  • International network and liaison services
  • Facilitator

GFP West Asis Consulting is an international quality provider with expertise in building sustainable cooperations for our clients and partners, utilizing our network for professionals in diverse industries. Our main objective is to deliver authentic quality in every aspect of our activity.