Transforming an aviation industry into an attractive business sector to attract investors  is complex. It encompasses and touches on business areas such as ANS, MRO, FBO, Logistics, Free Zones, tourism etc. A strong reputation in aviation is therefore key for developing a country and definitely a key aspect to accomplish national development programs.

Aviation sectors in many countries still have stakeholders often predominantly organized and managed under government governance. Operation and regulation under one roof may not support the ideal strategy to fully develop commercialized, privatized and competitive aviation sectors.

The transformation process of dissociating regulator and operator requires significant efforts in developing a strategy that:

  • encompasses roles and responsibilities (associated frameworks, economic, legal, etc.)
  • cope with demographic situations
  • allows skill and ability programs to educate experts
  • provides strategic goals to monitor the development
  • apply PMOs with sector skills

The choice of the right operation forms and PPP programs, trust from stakeholders and investors and best practices in operation, education, development and procurement processes are just a few topics of major impact. Services, functions, business areas or sectors shall be carefully determined.

It is important to

  • Assign capacities to
    •   manage,
    • develop and set policies and
    • regulate
  • Retain stewardship
  • Remain in oversight roles

Only ownership and clear strategies will reveal feasibility, financial viability, regulative compliance issues, applicable models, organizational requirements and attract best-in-class partners!

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